Landseer E.C.T.

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Character and behaviour                   

The Landseer E.C.T is a dog with a great feeling 'to do something for the boss'. He is active, has a good 
temperament but is certainly not a nervous type. He is very self-assured, intelligent, loyal to his own people, 
fairly gentle in character and, when given enough exercise outside, easy to keep in your house. 
Generally speaking, most Landseers are very independent and have a mind of their own. The Landseer should 
be raised very consequently without any form of firm training. Lots of love and patience will be rewarded with a 
companion for life. 

Most Landseers love water and a daily walk or swim must be given. Water work is therefore an excellent training 
for both the owner and dog. And after training a while some Landseers will even dive all kinds of objects 
from the bottom of a lake. 
When you want to go for a swim with your Landseer you must be aware of the fact that the dog will try to rescue 
you and drag you back to the mainland. 
Therefore you must certainly be careful when doing this the first time. 
A basic training is necessary to let the dog know you are not in any trouble. 
Any other activity with the family is also something the Landseer always wants to do.

When it comes to behaviour towards other dogs, children and people there is no problem. Especially children 
are loved by the Landseer. 
When the Landseer has met a lot of different dogs during his first year and has had the opportunity to 
play a lot, this will also not be a problem. However, some male dogs will sometimes try to be dominant over other 
dogs. That is why a basic training is necessary.
Most Landseers will also defend their home and property, if neccessary. 

Another characteristic is also their independent thinking. Sometimes they can also be very stubborn.  

Obedience is not the most common dogtraining one thinks about if it involves the Landseer.
However, there are some Landseer who do quite well in obedience training. It is possible to reach a higher level in obedience, but this is dependent on the efforts of the owner.

Fly-ball and agility can also be done with the Landseer, eventhough not on a competition level,
but they certainly enjoy the activity.

Scroll down this page to see the Landseer active in these different sports!


In most countries you can train Waterwork with your dog, even in competition. The basic idea is to
learn your dog to rescue people who are drowning and pulling boats back to shore.



When raising a puppy obedience training is a necessity. When training for obedience be aware of
the 'own mind' of your dog. Sometimes they just do not feel like doing what you want, this can lead to comical situations.                                             

Agility is another sport the Landseer likes. Although not all Landseers are suitable for it, there are some
who are very good at it.




No matter what other activity you want to do with your dog, the Landseer will always join in it,  walking in the woods, running beside the bicycle, playing with balls or sticks etc.